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I’ll tell you a secret. Plans do not fail because of bad ideas.

Momentum stalls when creative people see so many opportunities they become distracted by “shiny objects.” Falling victim to “The Creative’s Dilemma” leads to mission drift (side-trips that take time and resources but do not get you where you want to go). So, how to continuously innovate and grow steadily?

In times of change, wise leaders seek perspective - including bringing in outside expertise to co-evaluate opportunities for growth and set priorities.

What if you could get crystal clear about…

  • what matters most to you

  • the resources needed to move ahead

  • your goals & next steps?

Clarity and forward motion. That is what Venture Growth offers every client.


Create Your Future

A personalized series of clarification sessions (via email and coaching) for individuals - entrepreneurs, social venture leaders, and creatives -to get clear on: what matters most to you, your authentic voice, goals that reflect your values, and a customized pathway forward.

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Pursue Manageable Growth

Incremental Business Development and Marketing strategy and services for social ventures and nonprofits. We offer 25+ years experience of hands-on innovation: new products, services and target audiences. Traditional and online marketing and communications; hourly or by project.

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Build engaged community

The highest value brand-building and revenue-generation comes from your network of champions. We help you build an online community of engaged clients and customers which is both a source of market insight and a passionate amplifiers of your messages.

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