Pricing + Services


Consulting, Marketing and Business Development Services start at $50/hr for NonProfits & Individuals; $100/hr for Profit Businesses

Flat quotes available for projects with clear parameters and scope of work.

“creating your Future” Subscription + Online consulting

$50 — 8, weekly emails featuring a step by step planning process to clarify your personal & business values, voice and vision so you can be realistic and set goals that matter. Compare your insights and progress with other subscribers in private FB group.

$150 - 4, personal consultations, one-hour each, online to discuss your insights, progress, and questions.

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Variable hourly rate or project fee— The objective of the first (free) consultation is to discuss your needs and challenges. We offer feedback on your opportunity and suggest ways we can work together to augment your experience with our expertise, to identify measurable goals and accelerate progress.

Should we decide to proceed we prepare a binding letter of agreement which includes a scope of work, fee and schedule. It is a mutual decision - if we feel your needs are not a good match with VG’s abilities we’ll tell you so, perhaps make a referral.

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community building

Variable hourly rate — Whether you are marketing a product or serving a nonprofit cause, having regular, meaningful engagement with your important audiences is crucial.

Engagement is different than keeping people informed - which tends to be a one-way download of your own messages. Building community means two-way communications. It involves creating opportunities for ”your people” to be heard, to be in conversation with you and peers, to be honored for their feedback and insight.

We are expert at making sure that your mix of channels serves the purpose of meaningful engagement. Whether it be direct mail, email, social media, podcasts, video, online conferencing or live events - we build real relationships with the people who matter most to you.

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what clients say:

“Working with you was truly what I hoped it would be. You “get” me. You are so positive and creative and enthusiastic – it is obvious you love what you do.”

I especially appreciate the fact that you are thinking about our business from a holistic perspective, that you are considering the structure of the business along with the marketing elements.”

“We have been winging it thus far and it feels really good to be moving forward in a more supportive, intentional manner.”

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