The Creative's Dilemma

The Creative's Dilemma

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Shiny objects. Ideas upon ideas. Nonstop free associations. The brainstorm is lit up and thundering endlessly.

People find your “creativity” wondrous. “How do you see so many possibilities? Come up with so many solutions?” they ask.

Creative energy IS a hallmark of vitality and a gift.

But what about the dark side that admirers don’t see, the parts that leave you feeling..

exhausted or overwhelmed

alone, isolated

productive but not impactful

caught in perfectionism when you should be iterative

not getting enough meaningful return on your investment of time & money?

Being able to sort fleeting thoughts (no matter how shiny and entertaining) from those which can transform into new products and services, new processes and satisfying growth is the entrepreneurial challenge. A painter who loves wild applications of color has to be very careful not to end up with a murky, brown mess.

The solution is to treat organizational growth as you would your personal growth. As a creative leader, choose a palette from your “true colors.” Bring laser focus and energy to your core values and highest goals! This mindfulness quiets the static and clears the forward path to achieving meaningful impact.

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. 

~ Lao Tzu

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