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Finish Strong by Barbara Coombs Lee

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Speaking about Death

Life Skills 101

Lee is an attorney who co-authored the nation’s first law authorizing medical aid in dying, the 1994 Oregon Death with Dignity Act. Most recently she served as president of Compassion & Choices. The book is focused on practical, how-to planning for end-of-life.

We recommend it because… the ability to have difficult conversations is a core skill for being successful in business, and in life. Coombs Lee addresses a topic that affects every human being and is sadly, seldom discussed. There is a huge “market” for information on how to plan and express end-of-life wishes to family and doctors. The book is also a great example of how an individual with niched expertise (you?) can write a popular book while also advocating, powerfully, a cause.

Venture growth tools

When it’s time for new blood

When was the last time you assessed your skills? Entrepreneurial leaders tend to be subject area specialists - and then secondarily, Jacks and Jills of all trades. To grow an organization beyond start-up is to recognize that certain functions must be delegated to contractors or employees. You will want to prioritize the hire of individuals with complementary (not same) skills who add value toward reaching your goals. Where to start? Use VG’s Leadership Assessment Tool.

aligning people & resources for maximum impact

One the most common barriers to growth is when organizations are designed with functional silos rather than as an integrated, mission focused, ecosystem.

How does this happen? It is very rare for an early stage company’s budget enable full team hires. More typically, people are brought on as resources become available, one by one, and then immediately put to best use in their area(s) of expertise. In this “all hands on deck” phase, a culture of autonomy arises.

Autonomy is generally viewed positively by all but the most far-gone control freaks! But without a common touchstone, employees can lose track of the vision and goals that bind them together. As a leader, you started with a vision. Has it evolved? Can you articulate it now? And most importantly, is it visible and understood by all who work with you?

If the answer is “not really,” it’s time to find out how closely aligned - or not - your most important (human) resources are with your purpose and goals!

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