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Alyson Miller, co-founder and partner of Venture Growth, is a marketing consultant, writer, visual artist and “connector.” Virtually her whole professional career has focused on helping creatives fulfill their entrepreneurial visions and realize their social change initiatives. Personally, her passions include social activism, contemplative photography, storytelling, and journeys in nature and the inner life.

For the last 25 years – initially as the Associate State Director of the NJ Small Business Development Centers at Rutgers Graduate School of Management and later as a principal with her own company, Venture Growth, now located in Boulder County, Colorado – Alyson has supported clients to get clear about their values, vision and pathways forward. She and her partner Don Greenfield provide marketing and business development services to visionary leaders involved in growing professional practices, delivering innovative services and commercializing life-improving products. Innovations have included technologies, curricula and training, professional services, videos and broadcasts, as well as marketing, membership and fundraising projects for nonprofits.

In addition to consulting, Alyson is a consummate organizer who brings people together for strategic and action planning to advocate issues and legislation. She builds community in the “real world” and also online, serving as founder and manager of the LOV Facebook group (5300 members) for people to engage in person-to-person kindness and problem-solving. She continues to volunteer as a Library Board member, a mentor to youth and to elders who are seeking creative ways of sharing their wisdom.

Early in life, Alyson was introduced to the spiritual tradition of “Tikkun Olam” – Repairing the World. Later, while a student at Boston University, she was inspired and mentored by the activist-historian-writer Howard Zinn. These influences evolved into a lifelong exploration of what it means to be human and a commitment to social justice. Along this path, she has applied marketing and communication expertise, as well as intuitive abilities, to a wide range of social ventures and the uplift of marginalized communities. These have included the coaching of young artists and entrepreneurs; finding adoptive homes for older children with special needs; delivering prejudice-reduction training for adults and teens; working with legislators, law enforcement and educators on anti-bias and anti-hate initiatives; and designing advocacy and use-your-voice programs for educators, activists, community leaders and visionary entrepreneurs.

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